Balloon Garland Kit DIY- Pastel

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From baby showers to Christenings, Easter parties, engagement parties, and more, the Balloon Garland in Pastel is the perfect addition to any festive occasion. Our stylish and smart designs blend balloon varieties in lilac, lemon, mint, pink, and baby blue to form our signature Pastel Balloon Garland kit. Each kit is completely outfitted with everything you?ll need, including string, balloon pump and even double stuffed balloons to give you that designer edge.

To assemble in under 50 minutes first inflate the balloons and tie them off. Once you?re done, you begin to create the garland. Do this by pairing 11-inch balloons with 5-inch balloons for a total set of 13. Next, do the same with the remaining 5-inch balloons to create another 13 pairs. The final assembly is entirely up to you so roll up your sleeves and get creative. Start at 70 centimetres in on the string and arrange by wrapping the line around the pairs of balloons to secure each firmly on the line. Don?t worry about getting a little rough with your twisting, though, not much can faze these high-quality, 100% biodegradable Qualatex balloons. Once you?re done, make sure to adjust the knots so they can?t be seen.