Paper Straws Blue Foil – Pack of 25

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Let?s get this party started! These paper straws were created by Illume Partyware as part of the refined and luxurious Blue Iridescent collection, these metallic blue paper straws are sturdy for sipping while also being an incredibly festive decoration in their own right. These blue foil paper straws are the perfect examples of the kinds of details that pull a blue party theme together. Adults will love the shimmering, whimsical feel of the metallic shine of these straws, especially when paired with the ornamental Blue Iridescent Cup.

Don?t be surprised if kids at the party end up saving their straws and pretending they?re special, magical wands because these merry straws are truly one-of-a-kind and rather hard to part with ? because they just feel too special! To craft these chic numbers, we began with a sleek, narrow straw, fashioned of high-quality, thick paper card stock and measured each to 19.5 centimetres in length. Next, we wrapped each straw in the matching blue foil paper and packaged a set of 25 for your next birthday party, bridal shower, christening, baby shower or even engagement party.