Celebrate Silver Glitter Cake Topper – 1 Pce

AED 30.00

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As connoisseurs of the beautiful and creators of the special, ParTea Time designs party supplies to help you take your occasion to the next level. That was our aim when we crafted the stately and lavish Celebrate Silver Glitter Cake Topper. We started with a simple but elegant script that has a cultured and artistic air to it. We then chose a subtle but glittering silvery metallic finish, for those who like to keep things understated but glamorous. And, finally, we placed three simple picks towards the ends and middle to keep your words standing tall and upright. The result is a chic and everlasting sentiment: Celebrate!

We know you have much to be grateful for and this classic Celebrate Silver Glitter Cake Topper helps you pay homage to precisely that. When you bring your cake out at last, finished with this cake topper your guests will be delighted and thrilled. It?s the perfect way to amplify an already-sumptuous sweet treat. While not many individuals say no to cake, this cake topper will help you convince even those still on the fence. So go ahead and indulge! Just make sure to wipe the picks down before storing away for your next celebratory occasion.