Silver Glitter Cupcake Wrapper- Pack of 12

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The Silver Glitter Cupcake Wrapper is a persuasive cupcake decoration. Use with caution: Even the most disciplined of guests will have a hard time resisting indulging in these sweetest of treats, wrapped in the most shimmering of cupcake party wrappers. The Silver Glitter Cupcake Wrappers are the perfect presentation pieces, bringing their signature metallic shimmer to every single decadent cupcake you?ll be offering to your guests. What better way to instantly amplify your party?s style and elegance than to decorate your cupcakes with these wrappers.

While the high quality cardboard is not intended for baking your cupcakes, you can certainly use them to wrap up baking wrappers and begin piping your frosting. To assemble the Silver Glitter Cupcake Wrapper is easy. Simply remove one from the package of 12 and start to loop the curved shape around into a circle. Then, use the tabs to secure the wrappers from the inside. We?ve specially designed the tabs so that they stay hidden on the inside, giving the outside a smooth, uninterrupted look and feel.