Confetti Balloons – Pack of 3 – Gold

Confetti Balloons – Pack of 3 – Gold

AED 34.11

Perfectly packaged in a group of three, nothing says party time like these decadent, festive, and rather opulent confetti balloons. Imagine detailed confetti dots, crafted from resplendent metallic gold and contrasting white peeking through the translucent but durable latex balloons, catching the light as they bounce and float, as magical as snow in a snow globe. Yes, the Confetti Balloons with gold and white confetti are sure to be the decorative highlight of your party and will catch everyone?s eye with their illuminating and light-reflecting properties. The combination of gold and white, ensconced in a high-quality Qualatex balloon, gives an air of festivity and yet luxury at the same time.

At ParTea Time, we?re dedicated to crafting high-end, one-of-a-kind party pieces that amplify the value of your venue and the quality of the memories you?ll make. This is why we opted to create our pre-filled confetti party balloons with 100% biodegradable latex, harvested from Rainforest Alliance Certified plantations. While they come deflated, they are pre-filled with confetti, so you can just inflate these incredible balloons with either air or helium and skip the mess of trying to add the confetti yourself. Once the balloons are at their full size of 18 inches and perfectly round, simply tie them off, rub them together to create some static and watch them cling to the wall like glowing lamps of light!

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