Balloon Bouquet – Pack of 8 – Gold & White

» Balloon Bouquet – Pack of 8 – Gold & White

Balloon Bouquet – Pack of 8 – Gold & White

AED 39.38

This impeccable Balloon Bouquet in Gold and White is the perfect way to emphasise an evening soiree?s inherent elegance and style. Each pack includes a carefully selected mix of 8 balloons, some even double-stuffed to create an entirely signature look. With four gold metallic balloons, along with two white, and two peach balloons, you can instantly add splashes of color and charm to your party?s decor, without any hassle. Simply fill the balloons with helium and you?re ready to go!

Use multiple bouquets around the room or have them featured at specific places like photo booths, guestbook tables, and entrance ways. It’s the perfect way to instantly spruce up your party decor, bringing joy and festivity to such occasions as New Years Eve parties, birthday parties, baby showers, Christening, gold theme weddings and more! When fully inflated, each latex balloon measures 11-inches ? the perfect size to make a statement without getting in the way. Our balloons are crafted with the highest quality latex, and entirely biodegradable. Your guests will certainly appreciate your sense of style when you use these balloons, and you?ll be reducing your eco-footprint as well!

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